Mould Made

• The construction of the rotor stator molds

• The construction of perforated molds

• E-I and U-T Mould making of lamination

• Extrusion Moulds

Aluminum Extrusion
Plastic Extrusion
Rubber Extrusion

The construction of molds

• For punch presses punch and die manufacturing

• Fixture manufacturing

• Bağlama kalıbı aparatları yapımı

• Drilling molds construction

• The construction of various sheet metal molds

• The construction of various plastic molding

• CNC EDM Works

• CNC Milling Works

• Manufacturing candy machines in various sizes and shapes and molds construction.

• Computer-aided mold design and project drawings

• Mould and computer drawing on technical advice

• Beginning and advanced courses in computer drawing

• Create a company or firm to the team in our company in R & D